Golden Lattes in the Cold Season

Here at Wild Sage, in Reading PA, we are doing our best to keep up with the high and low temperatures that come as unexpectedly as the waves on the beaches we are all dreaming of this time of year.

As we are all trying to avoid the colds and flus going around...we decided to delve into a new item that brings nutrition, immunity, and warm comfort together into a warm drink, our new Golden Latte. But we were stuck on how to sweeten our Golden Latte in a healthful and vegan friendly way. However, when the beginning of the month greeted us with nearly a bushel of apples too soft to serve as snacking apples we got an idea.

In case you’re wondering how much a bushel is, it’s more than you think.

We chopped, we cored, we pureed all the apples. We double strained them: once through a sieve, and once through a cheesecloth. We took the remains and processed them. We cooked it down to a syrup.

Now that we had our delicious vegan sweetener, we steeped it with turmeric, whole cinnamon, sticks of nutmeg, fresh ginger, cardamom, aniseed and cayenne.

The result? A warming, good-for you, perfect for January, Golden Latte.

At Wild Sage we value sustainability and the environment. In regard to food waste we are very conscientious in our kitchen to respectfully and creatively use all the beautiful products our farmers have worked so hard to produce. Food waste is a growing problem, especially in America which has become the world’s largest food waster, with 40% of the food produced going to waste.[source:]

Want to know more about this? Check out links at the bottom of this post.

Next up on the blog we’ll talk about the traditional use of Golden Lattes, and how they might be a welcome comfort to help you get through this year’s cold season. If you are in the Reading area and looking for a locally sourced restaurant stop by...maybe even try our Golden Latte! How was your January? Let us know in the comments!

___ Learn about how America is the world’s largest food waster, and what you can do…

Here's a video [10 minutes]

And an organization in Pittsburg that is stopping food waste at its roots here

An organization in Pittsburg that is stopping food waste at its roots:


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