Take-Home Dinners

April showers, and intermittent Berks county snow storms, taxes, and Spring cleaning bring….the need for a healthy work life balance, which seems to be as elusive as the consistent Spring temperatures we’re longing for.

Too often, feeding ourselves doesn’t even make an appearance on our to-do lists, it’s just an added thing that we do, like breathing or blinking, on our way to doing something else. It can be tempting on the busy days to neglect our nutrition. But let’s face it: we’re always busy.

At Wild Sage, we’re all about making the most of our time with the people we love, and helping you to do the same! Which is why we’ve introduced our take-home dinners. They are as easy as fast food, and as satisfying (and nutritious!) as a home-made meal. Because, well, they are home made, in our kitchen, for your table. Here’s just a sampling of what you might expect to take home for dinner from Wild Sage [not sure how many of these we want to list? If any?]:

1. Jerusalem artichoke Gratin: Organic roasted “sunchokes” New Potatoes, and Fennel, with oven-dried aquaponic tomatoes from Lancaster County/ Heritage Saffron Bisque

2. Macaroni and Cheese: Creamy and velvety mac with local organic mushrooms from Primordia farms, Gruyere and Sage./ Roasted Parsnip, Garlic, and White Bean Soup

3. Ricotta Fritters: Ricotta fritters stuffed with beetroot and mixed vegetable relish, topped with walnut arugula pesto and chevre./ Coconut and Turmeric Soup

4. Lasagna with rainbow swiss chard from Gooselane Farm /French Onion & Sage soup

5. Penne pasta, Basil Cream Sauce, Spring greens, Toasted Pine Nuts/ Curried Squash Soup

6. Spinach Cake with Herb salad and local Cheese/Sage and Early Spring Vegetable Soup

Entrees are served with an optional sides of salad, soup, and bakery bread from the daily loaf. Order HERE by Tuesday 3pm for a pickup anytime on Thursday between 7-4:30.


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