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We just turned 1 today. Its been an exciting journey!

Our Values: Community: We value relationships and diversity. By providing a meeting place for our patrons and fostering sustainable living by partnering with local providers and farms, we aim to build a community that comes together to celebrate all of life’s moments, from the big events (check out our catering options!) to the daily rituals that keep us moving. We believe that the best way for individuals to thrive is for us to help each other, and we support local charities as much as possible.

Creativity: We value living life to its fullest. We believe that creatively using fresh, organic ingredients provides not only great tasting food, but adds elegance and beauty to the world and inspires personal growth. We believe that the experience of beauty is an important factor in the pursuit of happiness, because it moves us away from a purely utilitarian/consumerist driven world, and lifts us up and inspires. Our walls are adorned with local artists’ work, which is rotated on a seasonal basis like our menu.

Integrity: We are committed to hospitality that treats each patron as an individual entering our home and to service that prioritizes excellence, attention to detail and a genuine care for the needs of our guests. We also seek to be hospitable to the earth by working with providers who use practices that maintain the productivity of land over time, and we do our part to minimize waste in the kitchen by using ingredients creatively and composting what we cannot use.

Our Mission: Wild Sage provides an inviting meeting place for the community. As a local hub where creativity sparks and inspiration flows, we feature a rotation artwork to showcase the talent of local artists, and we give back to the community through various charities. Whether you are looking for some me time and a getaway from a hectic day at work, or a meeting place for friends and family, we’re here for you!

Our Vision: To build a vibrant and educated community that supports local agriculture, fostering an environment of sustainability and integrity that honors the hard work of the individuals along every step of the food service chain, from farmers to customer service professionals to the communities that gather around the table to enjoy the fruits (literal and figurative) of labor.

Looking ahead here is more of what to expect from this blog:

The aim of the Wild Sage Blog is to create a conversation around our core values of Community, Creativity, and Integrity. We hope to interview our providers, shine a spotlight on local artists, as well as highlight ingredients and items from our menu that showcase our commitment to our core values. The blog will also serve as a meeting place to get to know the staff of Wild Sage, and to build a community through an online presence.

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