Summery Spoonfuls

We got some fresh new items that bring a perfect blend of summery ingredients in some fresh new menu items. We have our summer peach salad. This is one of the most popular of the new arrivals on the summer menu and its for a reason. It has the perfect balance of sweet and savory. You have the sweetness from the peaches and candied walnuts. Then you have the savory aspect of the salad which is the goat cheese which is basically the glue that pulls all these flavors together making it the perfect summer lunch. We also have the summer wrap which is a perfect to go option and packed with flavor from the basil oil that pairs perfectly with our fresh avocado, greens, and fresh mozzarella. Then if you would like to switch things up and what to give your taste buds a treat we have our new summer sammie. This has delicious brown sugar balsamic glazed plums, bacon, goat cheese, and red onion on Stoudts Bakery organic sourdough bread. Come in soon while we offer these delicious summer options.

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