Here at Wild Sage Coffee and Kitchen we really value supporting local and like to incorporate as much organic as possible and Peter Halvorson helps us meet our needs with his own farm EATMOGREENS. We try our best here to stay local and promote local as much as possible so we can all grow together and help each other out.

Q and A with peter owner of EATMOGREENS:

What is your mission and why organic?

EATMOGREENS is my business name. It's my mantra. It's a reminder to myself to do exactly that. Greens aren't compelling like sweets and fats that taste so good. I started growing for my own consumption. There is an abundance of conventional food. No need to pile onto that surplus. Organic is the only way to go. Pesticide/herbicide free food reduces the toxic load on our bodies. Growing organically is challenging, mentally stimulating and rewarding at meal time.

Where can Peter be found?

Market at Leesport every Wednesday stand #5 from 8am-7pm

Also at Leesport farm to table on first and third Sunday of the month from 7am-1pm

And at willow Glenn flea market every Sunday.

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